19th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations
11-13 Jul 2016 Lille (France)
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TEL : An open access corpus available for research
Agnès Magron  1@  
1 : Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe  (CCSD)  -  Website
CNRS : UMS3668
CC iN2P3 - 27 Bd du 11/11/18 - 69622 Villeurbanne Cedex -  France

TEL (Theses-en-Ligne) (https://tel.archives-ouvertes.fr) is a french open repository dedicated to theses self-archiving. It has been created in 2001 and is a particuliar instance of HAL. It is multidisciplinary, and available to any user who has defended a thesis, whatever his university. Moreover, with its partnership with ABES, it occupies a central position in the dissemination of theses. Indeed, TEL is supplied by the STAR application, which allows academic institutions to submit defended theses under a digital format.

In January 2016, it contains the full text of more than 53000 theses, the older one dating back to 1907. It forms a remarkable corpus available to researchers interested in data from these theses, whether they're interested in a specific domain, or for a comparison purpose. Since TEL is an HAL portal, the data can also be observed in the author's other publications, if they've been submitted to HAL. Metadata describing the theses (author, universities, jury members...) also form a corpus that can be used for any study on doctoral research in France. Indeed, API allow to search through them with a high level of accuracy. They can be used for forming a corpus, producing statistics, cross-check data, and compare them to other corpus data.

The poster presents the corpus with some statistical data.




On the author:


Professional profile : Engineer at CNRS (National Center of Scientific Research). Specialist in Scientific and Technical Information. I have worked in several research centers, in Human and Social Sciences as well as in Cognitive science where I have managed libraries.

I work in CCSD since 2012 as a community manager. I am responsible of moderation activities on HAL and of the technical documentation(HAL and Episciences.org).


Keywords : academic libraries, information monitoring, databases, open repository, community manager


Resume :

Since October 2012 : Community manager and communication manager at CCSD (Villeurbanne)

2005-2012 : Academic librarian at the Institut des Sciences de l'Homme (Lyon). I was responsible of two specialized libraries (sociology, medieval history and archeology) and I was moderator of HAL-SHS, the French open repository for HSS.

1998-2004 : Academic librarian in the Neurosciences et systèmes sensoriels laboratory (Villeurbanne)

1993-1998 : Academic librarian in the Institut d'Asie Orientale (Lyon) 

1989-1992 : INIST (Nancy) : Librarian in the digital archiving service


Contact: Agnes.magron@ccsd.cnrs.fr

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