19th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations
11-13 Jul 2016 Lille (France)
Tuesday 12
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A research support librarian
Isabelle Westeel  1@  , Cécile Malleret  1, *@  , Aurélie Halipré  2@  , Françoise Tayara  1@  
1 : SCD Lille 3
Université Lille III - Sciences humaines et sociales
2 : Atelier national de reproduction des thèses  (ANRT)
Université Lille III - Sciences humaines et sociales
* : Corresponding author

The poster shows the different activities of a research support librarian, a new profile at the academic library of the University Lille social sciences and humanities campus (formerly Lille 3).

Since 2012, the university library in Lille 3 tries to lead a research support policy. It is not only to develop information resources in connection with the areas of research, but also to respond to changing needs and practices of researchers.

This poster aims to present the diversity of services (open archive, workplaces dedicated, digital library, customized workshops) and rich collections (archives, press, literature). Recovery and the increased visibility of the scientific production of researchers are at the heart of these support services to research that develop in academic libraries.

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