19th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations
11-13 Jul 2016 Lille (France)
Tuesday 12
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Four dimensions of data curation on electronic theses and dissertations in Taiwan
Yi Shuan Huang  1@  , Lee Chen Chen  2@  , Bao-Tzuoh Huang  2@  
1 : National Taiwan University  (NTU)
2 : National I-Lan University

Data curation was defined by Lord, Macdonald, Lyon & Giaretta as “managing and promoting the use of data” in 2004. Choudhury(2008) mentioned that at Johns Hopkins University, the institutional repository (IR) is being developed as a “gateway” to the underlying digital archive that will support data curation as part of an evolving cyberinfrastructure featuring open, modular components and also, is developing new roles and relationships between the library and the academic community, most notably through the development of “data scientists” or “data humanists.” Data curation seems to play an important part in the academic research due to reusing research data.

The methodology of this poster will be questionnaire and interview. In our poster, we will show the four dimensions, which are decomposed from the advantage, weakness, opportunity, and threat, of data curation on electronic theses and dissertations in Taiwan. 


On the authors:


Yi Shuan Huang is a PhD. Student in the Library and information science at the National Taiwan University and had worked as a librarian at Academia Sinica, where she was in charge of digital system development and management. 

Lee Chen Chen is an Associate Professor of Humanities and Science Education Center and Bao-Tzuoh Huang is a Professor of Applied Economics and management at Nation Ilan University.

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